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This game is called Hurling for two reasons. 1. it is similar to the Olympic sport but instead of being on ice and pushing those things your on ground throwing empty beer cans. and 2. if you play long enough u will be hurling. The game is recommended for around 5 or so people. You can have more but someone could be drinking ALOT. first you get an empty can and throw it somewhere about 20 ft away. then everyone has their own empty can. the first player picks a throwing style, for example throw behind your head. the object is to get as close to the one empty can on the ground.

The drinks are given out like this: you drink 2 times your place. So if u are the person who's can is the 3rd closest to the can, u drink 6. Also if anyone hits the can everyone but that person drinks 10. then after everyone throws, the closest person picks the throwing style for the next round. You can play for as long as u like.
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