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The objective is to get the group to count to 10.

First off, have someone say "go", "start", etc.

Then people start counting off numbers from 1-10 in order. Anyone can call out a number as long as its the right one, theres no order. Remember that its good for it to be random. The more random the funner the game is. You dont want one person to call out every number or for everyone to call out numbers in a certain order (i.e. A says 1, B says 2, C says 3, etc until 10). Mix it up!

Heres the trick. If any two people say the same number at the same time, they drink that many drinks and you have to start back at one.
Ex. Jim says four, then Jake and John say five at the same time. Jake and John each drink 5 then.

But when you are playing, keep track of what numbers you say uncontested because once the group gets to 10, you get to hand out drinks.

#1-3: Hand out two drinks.
#4-6: Hand out three drinks.
#7-9: Hand out four drinks.
#10: Whoever says ten gets to hand out ten drinks!

So lets say were playing and no one messes it up and you get to ten:

1-E (2 drinks)
2-A (2 drinks)
3-B (2 drinks)
4-C (3 drinks)
5-C (3 drinks)
6-A (3 drinks)
7-D (4 drinks)
8-E (4 drinks)
9-A (4 drinks)
10-C (10 drinks)

A gives out 9 drinks.
B gives out 2 drinks.
C gives out 16 drinks.
D gives out 4 drinks.
E gives out 6 drinks.

If someone says the wrong number give em 5 drinks.
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