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Keystaponker is a game which is a mix between beer pong and poke ,you will defently get drunk!!!! This is a two to four person game depending on size of table. You will need, beer, ping pong balls, cups, and a deck of cards. A basic understanding of poker is needed. Start by setting up the cups ( 15 for a 2 person game, 20 for a 3 person game) in a basic triangle shape like in beer pong but only on one end of the table( both players will be shooting from the same side). Fill the cups up with even amounts of beer. Spread the deck of cards on the table. Have each person grab a card, highest card gets to shoot first. Player one shoots the ball to try and make it in the cups, if he misses the shot then its player 2's turn to try. If he makes the cup then he draws a card from the table and drinks the cup he makes. The next person trys to make a cup and if so, draws a card from the deck on the table. if player 2 likes the card drawn, they must drink the cup made, if the player does not like the card, he may trade it with the first person or anyone else who has cards. (players cards are kept secret because they are trying to make the best poker hand). The shooting goes back and forth between the players trading cards when want until the cups on the table are completly gone. Once the last cup is made each player must choose their 5 best cards. Once players get their best poker hand, the player who shot second starts the betting. The betting may be in beer shots or pours. In the end the loser must drink the betted beer. This game is a great time once you get the hang of it. developed by Kent State's finest drinkers. 1827-party hard!!
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Added: 2008-08-27

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