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This game is a lot like “Simon Says” or “Mama May I?”

One person is chosen as “Great Scott” and has the rest of the players sit regardless of any order as it goes randomly.

“Great Scott” does not have to choose a player in order, but tells any player, “#2 (or their name), take 4 steps forward”. Player #2 MUST say *“Great Scott?”* (if they do not, they must drink a shot/swig). If “Great Scott” says NO, they do not move and it goes on. If “Great Scott” says YES, they can do as told and not have to drink. Whoever is first to touch “Great Scott” becomes the new one.

ALSO, if “Great Scott” says NO and the person moves, they must take a shot/swig and go back to their original starting place.

Especially Fun When Especially Drunk!
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Added: 2008-08-27

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