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This game is very simple: You need several friends and an empty house. Each person willing to play takes enough drink to get themself smashed (eg 2 bottles of wine, 8 cans etc) and goes into a room by themself for 1 hour with the sole purpose of drinking heavily alone (in the dark if possible). They are not allowed mobile phones, music, tv etc. This may seem unusual but the point is that after sitting by yourself for ages not only will you be drunk off your ass, but when you meet back up with your friends you will be incredible sociable and up for a laugh (as you have just spent the last hr looking forward to it). It also does away with the boring part of the night where no one is drunk and conversation is at an all time low... This really works, and is especially good for parties where 'shit' people have been invited, as it improves their attitude and fun levels 100%. Enjoy!

PS. I recommend taking the bathroom, in other rooms you will struggle to take a piss!

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Added: 2008-08-27

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