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The rules to this game are quite numerous and I am working from memory so I am unable to list them all here, please add some more or e-mail me and we can collaberate to finish it. This game requires the star wars trilogy (1 or 2 of the movies will suffice).

Drink one (per scene):
- when a bad guy wears white (majority of outfit/uniform)
- when a good guy wears black (majority of outfit/uniform)
- anytime Princess Leia insults someone
- anytime C3-PO complains
- anytime Luke whines
- anytime anyone babbles on about the force
- anytime Han Solo says "it's not my fault"
- anytime Chewbacca uses a weapon other than his bowcaster
- anytime a stormtrooper (or group of) fire repeatedly at somebody and never hit them
- anytime Yoda reprimands Luke
- anytime a tie-fighter spirals off into space (three if it is Darth Vader)

Drink two (per scene):
- when a bad guy wears black (as above)
- when a good guy wears white (as above)
- anytime the Millenium Falcon has a maintence related problem
- anytime anyone is decapitated or loses a limb
- anytime Darth Vader kills someone using the force
- anytime Bobbafett is referred to as "bounty hunter" by name
- anytime Han Solo and Princess Leia kiss

Drink three (per scene):
- when anyone wears gray (as above)

Drink five (per scene):
- anytime Chewbacca fires his bowcaster
- anytime Darth Vader is seen without his helmet
- anytime an Ewok dies

Like I said before there are many more but right now I can't remember them all.

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