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Get an even number of guys and girls. Get your favorite type of hard liquor and shot glasses, don't forget the dice.

There can be two teams boys against girls. Sit in a circle and sit boy/girl/boy/etc. Roll the dice to see who goes first and then follow these rules:

- Even - take a shot
- Odd - take off a piece of clothing of your choice

- 1-1 = make the call (shot or clothing)
- 2-2 = pass a shot to the person to the right of you
- 3-3 = it's your lucky roll, you go free
- 4-4 = truth or dare to someone of your choice
- 5-5 = lucky roll again, put a piece of clothing back on
- 6-6 = kiss the person to our right

Object - team with most clothes on at the end wins. You might not wanna play this with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

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