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This game is based on watching Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, otherwise known as MXC.

You must drink (x) when:

1. Kenny or Vic wear their wigs (1)
2. Kenny or Vic bop one another on the head with their fans (1)
3. Kenny or Vic appear in a tank (3)
4. Guy LeDouche makes a flirtatious comment towards a male interviewee (2)
5. Whenever there is an "Impact" replay (1)
6. Whenever a Japanese woman covers her mouth or face when laughing (1)
7. Kenny or Vic uses the impact replay to focus on a woman's underpants (2)
8. The large samurai character (the fister) appears (4)
9. Any utterance of "don't get eliminated" (1)
10. Japanese woman displays lack of upper body strength (1)
11. Mention of "Babaganoush" character name (5)
12. Utterance of "Right you are, Ken." (3)
13. When the word "fluid" is mentioned (1)
14. When the phrase "Get it on" is mentioned (1)
15. The "Ken-O-Tron" appears (1)

Enjoy, and make sure you have plenty of drinks on hand!

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