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Watch as many episodes as you can of the [adult swim] cartoon SeaLab 2021 and follow these rules.
Captain Murphy:
*1 Drink whenever Murphy comes up with a catch phrase for the episode.
*2 Drinks whenever Murphy says something that makes absolutely no sense.
*1 Drink whenever Murphy is being naive.
*2 Drinks for every time Murphy wears a different outfit other than the blue uniform.

*1 drink for every time he mentions his good looks.
*1 Drink for every time he mentions his strength.

*2 Drinks for any time he mentions world domination.
*1 Drink for every time he insults Murphy.
*2 Drinks for every time people talk about him being crippled.

Dr. Quinn
* 2 Drinks for every time he mentions having sex with Debbie or actually has sex with Debbie.
*2 Drinks for every time he mentions his IQ or his PHD'S.

*1 Drink for every time he says something stupid ( this could be lethal in some episodes)
*1 Drink for every time he gets confused about somthing.

*2 Drinks for every time she shows her tits (this is necessary sometimes)
*1 Drink for every time she has sex, mentions sex, or hints at masturbation or nudity.

*2 Drinks for everytime he shows up in an episode (his voice is evern funnier when you are drunk).
*1 Drink for every time he says "Hesh wants some sex!"

(Black) Debbie
*2 drinks every time she shows up.
*2 drinks every time she does something illegal or sexy(?)

Captain Tornado Shanks
*1 Drink whenever he mentions football (mostly in his fist episode in season three).
*1 Drink for every time he mentions his religion.

This game is best played if you get the DVD's and watch all of the seasons back to back. Since each episode is only 11 minutes long it doesn't take hours. But you will be very, very drunk by the time you are done. I usually drink shots of vodka, but that gets a bit much. So beer is just fine. Enjoy.
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