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What is needed to play:

- A quarter
- LOTS of booze (of your choice) - but pick your drinking container wisely
- a collection of willing participants
- A sizeable table around which everyone will sit

How to play:

1. The first person (the "server") takes the quarter and holds it upright between his/her forefinger and the table

2. The server then spins the quarter by flicking it with his/her other forefinger to the person to his/her left or right (The direction of movement is decided before the game. The quarter will either be flicked to the person on the left or the right throughout the game)

3. The person to whom the quarter is flicked can do one of three things:

a. Keep the quarter spinning to the next person by perpetuating the spin with his/her finger as it is spinning

b. Stop the quarter on its end (see pic in #1 above) with forefinger without dropping it, which will cause the person from whom it was served or spun (if the last person to touch it perpetuiated its spin as in "a" above) to have to drink

c. Catch the quarter between one's lips (NO TEETH!) without dropping it, causing EVERYONE at the table except the "catcher" to have to drink. This move game the game it's name because the inventor of this game, a guy named "Louis" had big lips and this was his favorite move.

Other rules:

1. Luck 1/Luck 2 - "Luck 1" occurs when the spinner accidentally causes the quarter to collapse while attempting to spin. "Luck 2" marks the second consecutive instance, forcing the server to have to drink and pass the serve to the next person.

2. Fault 1/Fault 2 - "Fault 1" occurs when the spinner accidentally spins the quarter off the table before the catcher can receive it. "Fault 2" marks the second consecutive instance, forcing the server to have to drink and pass the serve to the next person. NOTE: The amount of time before the quarter can stay on the table before being considered a "fault" is subjective and is to be determined by the table's participants. If a quarter is deemed to have remained on the table long enough for the catcher to have executed one of the three maneuvers, then he/she must take a drink upon allowing the quarter to drop off of the table. He/she will then serve.

3. Hitting another player's drink - this is the most critical and skillful maneuver you can make in this game. If you, as the server, are able to hit another player's drink, the person whose drink was hit must drink the entire contents contained in the container (which is why I stated that you should pick your drinking container wisely). NOTE: You do not have to keep your drink on the table! Upon drinking the entire contents, the drinker will then serve to the next person.

Sound like a lot of rules? Not really. Its simple. You flick the quarter around the table, person by person, and you execute one of the maneuvers mentioned above, taking note of the "other rules". This is, by far, the single funnest drinking game I have ever played. In college, We would sit up for HOURS and play this game, getting hammered as hell. It is VERY addictive and it maintains interest for a long time. It doesn't take long to get the hang of it or get good at it.
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