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Two or more players, a pair of dice, a pen, and paper are all that are needed to play this game.

Every round each player is entitled to roll the dice 3 times. The object is to get the highest combination possible (or the lowest depending on how you wish to look at being a winner).

If you get a high score on your first roll you do not have to roll the dice again, you can pass them onto the next player. If you do roll the dice again, the first roll score is cancelled and you must take the score obtained on your 2nd roll, or if you chose you can roll a 3rd time but that score is what you are stuck with.

It is recommended that someone writes down the scores obtained by each player each round because after a few drinks you are likely to forget what you rolled!!

At the end of each round the person with the lowest score for the round must take a drink. That player then starts off the next round.

This is how the scoring works:

- 1 & 1 = 11
- 1 & 2 = 21
- 6 & 1 = 61
- 4 & 3 = 43
- 5 & 2 = 52
- 3 & 5 = 53
- etc...
- Highest score possible = 66
- Lowest score = 11

So that you don't get bored the following drinking rules also apply when particular combinations are rolled:

- Double 1 - player must make up a rule, it can be that everyone drinks when a double is rolled, if you touch your nose you must take a drink, etc, it can be anything you like (make it sexual by requesting items of clothing be removed when certain combinations are rolled if you like!!)

- 2 & 1 - You must take a drink

- 3 & 1 - You choose someone else to take a drink

After a few rounds this game is lots of fun (especially if new drinking rules have been made up) and can get you extremely drunk!! It's also a good way to start a party as it gets everyone into party mode.

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