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For this, you need a PS2, a Dance Dance Revolution game, and a DDR pad. Choose your style (Single if it's just you, Versus if you have two pads and two players), your difficulty (some games have Beginner as the easiest, but some have Light as the easiest, depending on how old the game is), select a song, and play. When your score comes up, if you got...

An "E", drink twice.
A "D", drink three times.
A "C", drink four times.
A "B", drink five times.
An "A", drink five times.
A "AA" drink six times.
If you actually get a score of "AAA", chug.
And if you play Heavy or Challenge, and somehow manage to get the extra stage, down whatever it is you're drinking entirely.

Most DDR games are set up so there's a three song "set". If you pass a song, you will play another, and if you pass that, you play a third. On Extreme 2, you can play endlessly in Free Mode. Play 3 songs as you would on any other version.

I will admit that this game was devised with DDR players in mind, but you can get drunk even if you've never played it before. Since it does involve movement with your feet, you can, do, and will fall on your ass a few times, and if you have any problem with that then I suggest you do not play this. There's your warning. However, if you're a DDR player, are adventurous, or just want to see your buddy look like a moron, have fun! (And take pictures. Trust me on this.)
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