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This is actually a pool drinking game. (It is not recommended that you play this game in a lake, or any other body of water other than a pool.) you will need some diving sticks, (a good amount), an inner tube or ring shaped float to use as a goal, lots of beer, and of course, a pool!! players will try to throw the diving sticks into the floating ring. if the stick makes it into the ring, the person who threw it gets to make someone take 3 chugs. if the stick lands somewhere outside the ring, then that person must wait til the stick sinks to the bottom, take 3 chugs, and dive down picking up all diving sticks from the bottom of the pool. if someone throws a diving stick and it goes out of the pool, then they chug a whole beer, because that's a party fowl!! If your really brave, you can double the number of chugs after each round. Have funnnnn!! Dive responsibly!

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