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Depending on the amount of people you have which could be in the teens even,you place a deck or more a couple of decks of cards face down in a circle.Each person gets a can of beer. As soon as one is empty they get a new one to keep the game going. The youngest person goes first. They pick a card and it goes around the circle from there. What the person has to do depends on the card they pick. This game can get very complicated but is very VERY fun. I think its the best game ever.

Here are the actions/rules:

2. The give away Rule - You give the card away to some else and they have to drink from their beer for 10 seconds.

3. The keep Rule - The person who picked it has to drink for 10 seconds.

4. "4's to the whores" Rule - All the girls in the game have to drink for ten seconds, even if the person who picked it is female.

5. Thumb Rule - Everyone has to put their thumb down on the table/floor. The last person to do that has to drink for 10 seconds.

6. " 6 to the dicks" Rule - All the guys in the game have to drink for 10 seconds.

7. Heaven Rule - The person who picked it has to throw their hands up ( toward Heaven) and everyone has to follow. The last person to have their hands in the air has to drink for 10 seconds.

8. The Question Rule - The person who picked the card has to start off by asking a question the person next to him. That person has to reply by asking a question back that relates to the question that was previously asked. It goes around and around until someone messes up. That person has to drink. They have 10 seconds to come up wit a question. The consequence is obvious.

9. The "9,Bust a Rhyme" Rule - The person who picked this card has to say a simple sentence about anything. " Bob is gay" for example. The person next to him( depending on the direction of the circle) has to say another simple sentence rhyming with the one before. It doesn't have to make sense at all. This rule seems easy but if someone uses the same ending word of the simple sentence they have to drink. And again you have 10 seconds to come up with a rhyme.

10. The " Never have I ever" Rule - The person who picked the card makes a true statement starting with the words " never have i ever". If anyone in the circle has done what this person said they have never done, they have to drink for 10 seconds.
Jack. The Sentence Rule - The person who picked the card starts a sentence with any word. The person next to him continues this sentence by adding a word to it. They have to recite the whole thing plus their word. This sentence has to make sense. The longer the sentence the harder it is to remember. The first person to mess up has to drink for 10 seconds.

Queen - The category Rule - The person who picked the card has to come up with a category ( example: car manufacturers). It goes around until someone repeats or messes up and has to drink for 10 seconds.

King - The Rule Rule - Make up a rule. From that point on people have to follow it and if they don't they can suffer any consequence you made for breaking that rule.For example, The little bitch rule: There is a little bitch sitting on your can. She is invisible. You have to pick her up and set her down before every time you take a swig. BUT YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO PUT HER BACK. Every time you mess this up there will be a consequence. OR one of my favorite rules is you can't say the words drink, drank or drunk. The rules and consequences are endless, all up the the Rule maker.

Ace - The Waterfall rule - The person who picked the card starts drinking then the person next to him starts drinking and it goes around the circle until everyone is drinking. The kicker is that each person can only stop drinking when the person before them stops. So, the last person really has it the worst.

Joker - This rule is optional if you want to include Jokers in your deck. The picker has to dare someone and if the person goes through with the dare ( nothing someone would never do like jump of a building) the darer has to drink his whole can. This is just a test to see just what people will do to get someone to drink a whole can and what people will dare someone to do to not have to drink a whole can. JUST GOOD CLEAN FUN. It was long but believe me this game is worth it. I know there are many different versions but this is the best one. Its best with about 10 people and plenty of food!!
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