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Supplies: Deck of cards and a lot of Beer!

Shuffle a full deck of cards and put them in a pile in the middle of the table. Each person draws a card n then the cards are as follows:

Ace: who ever draws a ace (Captain Dick Head) puts it on on their forehead n as long as it stays on your forehead u can give as many drinks as u want until it falls off (u cant re-arrange it 1 chance n 1 chance only)
Deuce: Take two drinks.
3: Take three drinks.
4's are for Whores (lol no pun intended): Girls take 4
5: Give five drinks.
6 are for Dicks: Guys take 6
7: Take 7 Drinks
8: Categories (Person who draws it starts the category n who ever cant think of one or says one that has already been said has to drink)
9: Rule- who ever breaks the rule has to drink (ex. no swearing, cant say Drink, Drank or Drunk, Thumbmaster, Slap the Table n so on)
10's: Chug a Beer
Jacks: Pass a Drink to the Left
Queens: Pass a Drink to the Right
King: WATERFALL!! my personal favorite lol who ever draws the king starts n the person to your left has to drink n so on n u cannot stop until the the person to your right stops n that only happens when the person left of whoever drew the water fall stops n so on
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