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Drink once when:

-Female nudity is blocked out by male nudity.
-"Neutered Man" is mentioned or seen.
-"Orgazmo...AND CHODA BOY!"
-The ghetto sushi bar owner appears.
-A man slaps his ass.
-Someone is shot with the Orgazmo-Ray (Chug when it's a main or supporting character).
-"Stunt cock" is said.

Drink twice when...

-Joe Young's (Trey Parker) fiancee screams loudly into the phone.
-An ugly porn star appears.
-A non-porn action scene begins.
-The director mentions a sequel to Orgazmo.
-The director tries to increase Joe Young's salary.
-Joe Young tries to explain his morals.

Take three drinks when...

-The horde of Jesus movies (Pulp Jesus, Raging Jesus, The Good, the Bad, and the Jesus, etc.) is seen at the video store.
-An exotic sexual position is discussed (ex: DVDA).
-"Now You're a Man" is heard.
-Three drinks each time the old lady uses profanity to berate Joe Young.
-Every time Matt Stone's character says a line that clarifies his sexual orientation (ex: "Hey, have you ever seen Clash of the Titans? I don't wanna sound like a queer or nothin', but unicorns kick ass!").

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