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A canceled show, but nonetheless brilliant for getting wasted. Guidelines for this one are:

One drink when:
-Tobias does something sexually questionable.
-Lucille chastises Buster (chug when Buster flips out about the bird on his pillow).
-Frozen bananas or the banana stand are mentioned.
-Sexual tensions between George Michael and Maeby rise.
-Tobias tries to "act".
-Michael gets angry about his family.
-The narrator speaks his own bias or sarcasm(ex: when Tobias says Burger King is a "wonderful restaurant", the narrator says "It sure is!")
-Something absolutely stupid happens "On the next Arrested Development".
-Tobias's "never-nude" or nudist conditions are discussed or seen.
-Family members fight physically.
-Onyong speaks.
-Buster does something he isn't supposed to (ex: cannonballing into a synchronized-swimming lesson, hiding out in the house).
-Someone uses profanity and a reaction shot is used to mask the word.

Two drinks when:
-Product placements, Fox, and/or other networks are lampooned or subtly referred to.
-Tobias mentions "Frightened Inmate #2".
-Tobias talks about the Blue Man Group.
-Gob peforms a magic show (double it when "The Final Countdown" by Europe is heard).
-Extremely random food is mentioned (ex: curly fries, ice cream sandwiches, cornballs).
-Celebrities play themselves or appear in really odd roles (ex: Carl Weathers, Richard Simmons, James Lipton as the warden, Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the blind prosecutor, Ben Stiller as Gob's rival).
-The Stair Car is used for purposes other than driving.
-A foreign language other than Onyong speaking is spoken.

Three drinks when...
-Gob performs the chicken dance (finish the drink when someone else performs it other than or in addition to Gob).
-Mrs. Featherbottom either does something really stupid or is suspected of being the alias of Tobias.
-Characters other than Tobias are in sexually questionable situations (ex: Barry Zuckerkorn cruises for a transvestite prostitute).
-George Sr. is seen with hair.
-When George Sr. hawks his Judaism tapes, the "free yarmulke" is mentioned.
-The food at the country club is mentioned (ex: "Chicken fingers...with club sauce!").
-Gob has a sexual encounter.
-Lindsay tries to rekindle the spirit of her marriage.
-Gob's magic involves impossible feats (ex: the yacht disappearance).
-Someone dies in the jail (ex: White Power Bill commits suicide, the baseball riot occurs).

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