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Everyone sits round a table, with their drink in front of them. Everyone places their right hand on the table in front of the person sitting on the right hand side of them. Then everyone puts there left hand on the table in front of the person on the their left hand side with thats persons left over your right arm. After this you should have one persons right arm and another persons left arm between your two arms.

One person slaps their left hand on the table once. The person with their hand next to it slaps their hand and the next hand and then the next person should be the first person's right hand. This goes round and round the circle.

If some one slaps their hand twice then it skips the next hand. If they slap three times then it reverses direction. If a person gets it wrong then they have to drink.

This sounds quite easy but after a few drinks it's very hard to keep track of where you hands are.

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Added: 2002-12-30

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