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This is a drinking game to be played while playing FIFA soccer (Playstation, XBox, whatever).

Play a normal game against one of your friends, but with the following rules

Foul, out of bounce – Player must drink one

Corner kick, goal kick – player who kicked it out must drink 2

Yellow card – Player must drink five

Red Card – Player must drink 10

Goal – Player who got scored on must drink 5 times how many goals (if the score is 1-0 and the player with 1 scores making it 2-0, the other player must drink 10 (5 x 2)).

Missed penalty kick – player who missed it must drink 10 for being a dumbass.

Substitutions – Just like in real life, the team making a sub must pay. In this case, if you want to sub, you must drink the number of the person’s jersey going in. For double digits, combine the 2 numbers until you get a single number (number 29 enters the game, 2+9=11, 1+1=2, the player making the sub would drink 2)

Loser must finish their beer and get a new one for the winner when he needs it.

Trash talking and celebrations after goals are encouraged. Get drunk and have fun!
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