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Play this game while watching the original movie 'Clerks' by Kevin Smith.

Drink one time:

When Dante says "I'm not even supposed to be here today"
When Randall closes the video store.
When Dante closes the Quick Stop.
When someone buys cigarettes.
When Dante whines.
When Randall screws Dante over, even if he thinks he's helping him.
When Jay and Silent Bob sell drugs.
When Jay talks about drugs or sex.

At the beginning of the movie pick out a character. Throughout the movie everyone has to call you by your characters name. If they don't they have to take 3 drinks. If you pause the movie for any reason, it will cost you 2 drinks.

Also, evey time Dante cusses everyone has to put their finger on their nose. The last person to do this must take a drink. When Ranall cusses everyone has to put their hand on their ear. Again, the last person to do this must take a drink. Any false gestures must also take an additional drink.

When Silent Bob talks, you must finish your drink. No matter what you're drinking.
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