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There are two teams with two people to a team. The two player teams sit at each end of a long table. Each player sets a full beer cup at the end of the table in front of them. Flip a coin to decide who gets to throw the dice first.

The person who gets to throw the die first has to throw the die a certain height and try to get it in their opponents cup. The certain height is usually above the light on the cieling. Doesn't work unless it's a hanging light.

If the person gets it in their opponent's cup their opponent has to chug their whole beer. If they hit their opponent's cup their opponent has to take a drink of their beer.

The game is up to five. Each time you hit your opponents cup or get it in, it is a point. There is one other catch. When your opponent throws the die towards your team your team has to catch it before it hits the floor. If you miss the die that's another point for the other team.

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