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Sit in a group with your friends, preferably in a pub or club, somewhere where there are a lot of strangers around. Everyone gets themselves a drink or three, then one person is appointed Task Master.

The Task Master then picks someone else, and sets them a task, e.g. start a conga-line. The person set the task is only allowed to ask strangers, and cannot tell them the real reason for asking.

If the person set the task refuses, or fails to complete the task, they have to down half their drink. The Task Master then sets someone else another task.

If the person completes their task, however, everyone else has to take a drink, and that person then becomes the Task Master. They can then set someone else to task, and so on.

You're out of the game once you've been through three glasses, six failed tasks. The winner is the last remaining player. Try to come up with really inventive tasks, the stranger the better!

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