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To start, cut deck in half with each player having identical cards (one player all red and one all black)
Play war as you normally would, except if you lose a card, drink the difference between the winning card and the losing. (I.E.) 6 and 10 appears loser drinks 4. If the same card shows up, each player puts down 2 and puts a third card face up, just like war. You add the difference again, but now double it. If a face off happens off of that flip then do it again and now triple the difference. Keep multiplying the difference in the case of consecutive ties.

Now, if an Ace beats a 2, the loser must finish their beer.

If a face off is started on Aces then the loser must finish their beer and still take the difference doubled on the next beer.

After once through the deck, the player with the least amount of cards must bong/shotgun a full beer.

***For better results, don't stop until someone has all cards.

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Added: 2008-08-25

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