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Whenever we play drinking games, this is our standard to
start out with. It is simple and fast.

You need a deck of cards, beer, and any number of people
who are willing to play. Spread the cards out in a "Go-
Fish" style pile in the center of the table. Whoever
shuffled and put the cards out goes first by choosing a
card and placing it face up in front of them. The person
to the left of them goes next and tries to draw a higher
card (Aces are high). If they do, player to the right drinks
1, if not, that player drinks 1. Players keep drawing in
turn (keeping their stack of cards neat and orderly) trying
to beat the player to the right until everyone has a card.
Play continues, but now the person who draws is playing
against the cards to both the left and right. When you
draw a card that is the same as either the one to the left
or right, both players drink the amount shown on the card
(J=11 Q=12 K=13 A=14). The key to this game is speed.
With four people there really shouldn't even be enough
time to put your beer down on the table. One hand can
hold it and put it to your mouth and the other to draw
As an example:
P1 draws a 5-nothing
P2 draws a 3-P2 drinks 1
P3 draws a Jack-P2 drink 1
P4 draws a 7-P1 and P4 drink 1
P1 draws a 10-P2 and P4 drink 1
P2 draws a 10-P1 and P2 drink 10
...and so on until all cards are pulled.

You can also amend the "Sloppy Pile" rule. If you can see
the number or letter on a card in someone's pile and it is
not their top card, point to it and yell "Sloppy Pile!" They
then have to drink 4 drinks immediately.

This game is fun, fast, and you squeeze a whole bunch of
drinks into about 3 minutes.
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