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One person takes the deck and everyone sits around the table. The person with the deck lays a card face up for each person in order around the table (usually clockwise). The following cards explain what you must do.

A – social (everyone take a drink), or waterfall. In waterfall all players must drink however much the player in front of them drinks and can only stop when the player in front of them has stopped. everyone starts at the same time, the person who received the card can stop whenever they want (optional rule: If the last player finishes their drink all other players must do so.)
2 - give 2 drinks to a person of your choice
3 – take 3 drinks
4 – is for whores (all women take a drink)
5 – moose master, all players must make a moose with a hand against their temple when this player does so. If they are the last to do this, they must drink. (variation: make the action be whatever you want)
6 – is for dicks (all men take a drink)
7 – fuck 7, first player starts and says “1” the next player says “2” and so on, when the count gets to 7, a multiple of 7, or a number with a 7 in it the player says “fuck” and play reverses. The next player would then say the next number (example: 3, 4, 5, 6, fuck, (play reverses), 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, fuck, (play reverses), 15 16, fuck, (play reverses), 18, 19, and so on) the first player to mess up takes a drink.
8 - pee card, this player can now leave the table for a break, other players can not.
9 – rhyme time, you pick a word to rhyme with, the next player must rhyme something with it, and so on until a player messes up or takes too long. resulting in a drink.
10 – never have I ever. All players put up 3 fingers, and go in order saying something they have never done, if another player has done it they put down a finger. Whoever runs out of fingers first must drink once for however many other fingers are still up.
J - make a rule (I.E. you cannot say names, or you cannot swear, or you can't say "drink" "drank" or "drunk", the penalty is take a drink). rules always stay in play till the end of the game.
Q – question master, you are now the question master, if anyone answers a question you ask they must take a drink. you lose your status when the next Q is dealt.
K - choose a category and say something to do with it. The following people have to say something that relates to your category. failure to do so, take a drink.

Game ends when you run out of cards.

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