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The game is usually played with 2 teams of 2 although 1 on 1 has been known to happen. Each team sets up at opposite ends of a table with 10 cups, each 3/4 full. One member of one team starts by trying to bounce the ball on the table once and then into a cup. Then the other team returns. Partners alternate drinking and throwing. After each "hit", the cups are reset so that there are no empty spaces [diagram below]. The winner is the first team to hit all 10 cups and the loser must finish the winners beers.

Cup setup:

* *
* * *
* * * *

After 1 hit:

* *
* * *
* * *

After 2 hits:

* *
* * *
* *


One may not throw the ball if that person is behind in his drinking. A player is allowed to continue as long as they only have 1 beer to drink. If the player whose turn it is to throw has more than 1 beer to drink, the game must pause until he is down to 1 beer. Players MUST keep up with the drinking.

Variation: It also works well when the bounce is taken out (throw directly into the cup).

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