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Alright you play this game with 2-6 people. You should play with beer. You deal all the cards equally so the number of participants all have the same number of cards. Then you just randomly pick a card without looking at it and flip it. Usually on a count of 3. If you or anyone has a same suit, you drink a sip. If you have the same number you drink two sips. If anyone has consecutive numbers (I.E. 3,4) then you sip once, consecutive and same suit you sip twice. If 3 people all pull up the same number, then you drink 6 times. If theres all four of you with the same number, then you drink all your beer. You also drink all your beer if you get 4 numbers in a row.

This game can be played in a variety of ways, and you can def. make your own rules regarding number of sips depending on how you're feeling!

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Added: 2008-08-25

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