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Watch the TV show "That 70's Show" and take a sip/chug when one of the following happens:

- Kelso says somthing stupid
- Hyde says somthing anti-social
- Fez almost mentions where he's from - 2 drinks
- Fez hits on Jackie - 2 drinks
- Donna says ewww - 2 drinks
- Donna and Eric fight - 2 drinks
- Donna and Eric make out - 2 drinks
- Jackie says "I told you, I hate ________" - 3 drinks
- Laurie makes out with Kelso
- Laurie tells on Eric
- Anyone smokes pot
- Anyone takes a drink
- Roundtable scenes
- Kitty chews out Laurie
- Red says "dumbass" or anything else that's decidedly "Red"
- Bob says somthing stupid
- Midge says somthing stupid
- Any really cool quote
- Anytime Bob and Midge have sex

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