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Players sit around a table (3 or more players), each with a single card face-up in front of them; they then are dealt three cards face-down horizontally in front of their original card.

The first person to go (decided beforehand) turns over the card furthest to his right of the face-down cards in front of them. If anyone has a face-up card that is of the same suit as the card that was turned over, they must drink 2 sips. If anyone has the same value as the card that is turned over, they must drink 4 sips.

When someone has to drink due to their card being the same suit or value as the one flipped, the other players must point to that person and yell “Drink Bitch!” the last person to point and yell must take 2 sips.
The next person to go is to the previous player’s right and they must also turn over the face-down card furthest to their right and the process is continued. If you go through the entire circle without anyone having to drink, then everyone in the circle must drink 5 sips. If someone mistakenly points and yells “Drink Bitch!” at someone who doesn’t actually have to drink they must take 2 sips. When the three rounds are over you must discard the turned-over cards and place 3 new cards out of the deck face-down.
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