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This game can be played with two or three die. I will write rules for both.

Two die:

Roll one die to see who will go first. Then roll one to see how many turns you get
Each player plays by rolling one die at a time.
First die: The number of drinks (sips or shots depending on your tolerance) you have to take
Second die: The number of truths or dares you must do (you cannot do three truths consecutively you must do at least one dare in a turn. you can be dared to take a drink made up by another player)
Doubles: 3's or under: multiply the combined number on the dice by two and take that number of drinks but you only have to do one outrageous dare; (I.e. something extremely sexual or stupid) and is has to be a dare if you do the dare you get an extra turn.if not you lose a turn.and have to drink 3.
Over 3's: The first die will represent the number of drinks as usual but you must divide the combined total of the die by 2 and split it in half and do that many truths and dares for any dare you do not do you must remove three articles of clothing or lose a turn

Three Die:
Same player rules as two die and you still roll one die at a time per turn and you get two turns to start with
First die: Still the number of drinks you have to take
Second die: The same as in two dice
Third die: divide the number by 2 (unless it is a 2 or lower) and this is the number of clothing articles you must remove but you can pick them; (And a pair of something I.E. socks and whatnot can count as two)
Doubles: 1st and second same as two dice; 1st and 3rd same as two dice except you must striptease and dance while you remove your clothing; 2nd and 3rd you don’t get to divide the number of clothing you take off (the rule of three on the third die still applies to all of these)
Triples: If you roll triples you get an extra turn automatically but you must take only take dares and remove all of your clothes except your underwear if you’re already in your undies you must remove those while chugging a beer or drink. then either; dance for everyone or touch yourself sexually or perform a sexual act on another player of your choice. Then you can get dressed and start over. If you do not do this you are out of the game.
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