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Players: unlimited
Drink: preferably beer or liquor, shouldn't mix though
Supplies: lots of beer/liquor, alcoholics, "mug"
Rules: how ever many players there are thats the minimum amount of beers/shots you put into the mug; the game starts by selecting someone to be the "macho mugger;" once the person is chosen everyone else starts clapping and chanting "ma-cho ma-cho muuug, _____'s gonna CHUG the ma-cho mug," everyone keeps chanting the verse till the person can't chug anymore and passes the mug on. The game doesn't end till the mug is empty and when it gets to the last person everyone chants "____'s gonna FINISH!, the macho mug!" Game is kinda stupid but gets fun after awhile and is guaranteed to get you fucked up!!!
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Category: Endurance
Buzz: High
Added: 2008-08-22

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