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Watch the movie "Twister"

One drink anytime anyone says "Welcome back bill"
Two drinks when bill says "I'm not back."

One drink when any vehicle is airborn.

One drink when any animal is airborn
Two drinks if ypu see the same animal airborn twice

One if anything is dropped right in front of a moving vehicle.

One drink anytime melissa answers the cell phone.
Two drinks if she is talking to julia or donald

Take one drink equal to the number of twisters on screen.

During the "core" scene near the water chug what you have left ( if you count everything that happens in that scene you will take over 40 drinks)

One drink anytime Dusty talks like a hippie.

One drink anytime dusty talks about the "suck zone"

One drink anytime the Fujita scale is mentioned
Two drinks if any twister over an F3 is mentioned

One drink anytime dorothy is Dumped

One drink anytime Jo and Bill get into a bicker arguement

One drink anytime a showtune is sung

One drink anytime dusty plays music over the PA on the Barn Burner

One drink anyone asks directions from rabbit

One drink anytime Johnus' driver asks where to go.

One drink when anyone makes fun of Bill being a weatherman (directly or indirectly)

Two drinks when anyone says "Bob's road"

One drink when someone complains about the maps being folded and not rolled.

One drink when Jo and Melissa are on screen together

Two drinks if Jo, Melissa and Bill are on screen together.

One drink when anyone calls Bill "the extreme"

One drink whenever there is debris present.

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