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This game is great cause you can actually play it at the bar itself!! All you need is a couple pitchers your ID card and a good time is had by all!!

How it goes: all players throw an ID card in the center of the table or circle or whatnot upon entering the game. One person is selected as the dealer and shuffles up the ID cards and deals them out.
Left of dealer plays first by showing the card they've been dealt. They then challenge the person whose card they hold to a game of rock, paper, scissors.
The person who loses drinks according to what they lost to.
If you get beat with Rock - 3 drinks, Paper - 2 drinks, Scissors - 1 drink. So it is up to the player whether they want to attempt to give their opponent many drinks or play more conservatively.
Everytime both players choose the same item (i.e. both select either Rock, paper, or scissors) the amount of drinks double. (i.e. we both select rock, then the next time I select scissors and get beat by rock, I would then take 6 drinks)
Lastly if the initial player is dealt their own ID card they make select at choice which player in the game they would like to challenge.
And then play continues to the left...

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