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This game works best with many players,many beers, and two dice. Each person starts with 3 beers and the person to finish first is the winner. the first one to roll a 3 is the "3 man" and starts the game. (each sip is drinking for less than 2 seconds.)

If you roll:
2- pick another person and say you, they have to take a sip.

3- if "3 man" rolls 3 then he takes a sip but if someone else rolls 3 they take over the "3 man" title and drinks.

4- "3 man" drinks person's entire beer.

5- all guys take a sip

6- all chicks take a sip

7- person to your left takes a sip

8- person to right takes a sip

9- busta rhyme. person says a phrase and next person rhymes with it. if too slow to rhyme you take a sip. (this part is so fun people would rather rhyme than drink)

10-social everyone drinks for 5 seconds.

11- like duck, duck, goose but instead you go around the table saying nuck and when you pick the person you say buck. then you switch beers and its a race until its gone. the loser gets a new beer.

12- waterfall
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