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You need 4 empty cups and turn them over in the center of the table and spread them out into a diamond shape. Everyone gets their own cup and decides on their turn how much beer to pour into their cup. They then spin the coin and must finish whats in their cup before the coin stops spinning. The trick is each empty beer can or bottle can be used at any time to be a new mine on the table. When someone is spinning you take your empty beer can and slam it on the quarter, creating a new mine like the 4 in the center of the table. Everytime you hit a mine you must spin again. The max amount of turns is 3. You must go again if your quarter stops spinning before you finish your beer, if you spin the quarter off the table, or if you hit a mine. It's best to play on a decently sized circular table.
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Added: 2008-08-22

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