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A drinking game based on Bull Shit. Minimum of 3 players. All cards are dealt out, no face cards.

How this works is you start with ace and work your way up to 10. The first player places a card face down and says "ace". He can either set down an ace if he has one, or lie and set down anything. The player must wait a couple moments to see if anyone calls "Ridonkulous!" which means someone thinks he's lying. If no one calls, he slides the card into the center pile. If he was telling the truth then the next player does the next number. If he was lying, he flips over the card and distributes the amount of drinks shown on the card. If he's telling the truth and someone calls "Ridonkulous", flip over the card and the person(s) that called "Ridonkulous" drinks the amount. If he's lying and someone calls "Ridonkulous", he must drink the amount. Go all the way through, ace through 10, then repeat until all cards are out.

*5 sip penalty for not calling "Ridonkulous". "Ridonk" is acceptable.*
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