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Supplies needed: 4 players, as many ping pong balls available, 8 party cups, beer/liquor.

Two teams divided into two. Each team has a shooter and a drinker. Each team has 4 cups in front of them arrange however the players wish. First cup filled 1/4 of beer. Second 1/2 of beer. Third 3/4 of beer. Forth full. (Amounts may vary) It is a race to see who can hit all of the other team's cups first. The shooter continually shoots one ball at a time. When he hits a cup, the drinker of the other team drinks that cup. First team to hit all the other cups first wins the round. Best 2 out of 3. Next round, the shooter and drinker switch. If a tie breaker is needed, teams can decide who shoots and who drinks. *If your teams cup was hit, the shooter cannot shoot until the drinker finishes the cup, however the other teams shooter may continue to shoot.
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