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Spastic Children ©

A fun but nasty game that anyone can play. Created about 5 years ago, one Sunday afternoon at our favorite pub.

What you need:
2 dice
A saucer or small plate
2 + players (although at least 4 is best)
Lots of drinks

How to play:
Each person rolls one dice at a time into the saucer/plate, the first roll states what happens. The second roll is how many drinks.

1 - When a 1 is rolled on the first roll everyone needs to put there thumb on their forehead and say "Spastic children ©" The last person to do this has to guess the number, that the second roll will be. If they get this correct they get to give those drinks to someone else. If their guess is incorrect they must drink the number rolled.

2 - To the left. The person to the left of the roller has to drink the amount of the second roll.

3 - To the right. The person to the right of the roller has to drink the amount of the second roll.

4 - Opposite. The person opposite the roller has to drink the amount of the second roll. Note: if the players are uneven (eg no opposite person) the opposite is said to be from the left. eg if there were 5 players it would be the person 2 to the rollers left.

5 - Self skull. You must consume the amount of the second roll.

6 - Nominate. You must choose 1 person before your second roll then they must consume the amount of the second roll.

Important Notes:

1. If someone rolls either dice out of the saucer/plate they must consume one drink for a "ball bag skull ©" or "ovary sack skull ©"

2. Drinks cannot be split up. They must be for one person only. Yes this does mean you will have times of drinking 6 drinks.

3. At the time of calling "Spastic children ©", for a first roll of 1, you are not considered to have called "spastic children" unless you have applied your thumb to your forehead and clearly spoken "Spastic children". Until this is done you are open to be beaten by the other players.

4. One drink is considered to be one mouth full.

5. If someone is caught not consuming the correct amount or consuming less than 1 mouth full per drink, they maybe called for an "eye dropper skull ©". This results in 1 extra drink.

6. You may temporally leave the game to relieve your self or gather more drinks, this must not take longer than 5 minutes and is punishable by a "ball bag ©" or "ovary sack skull ©" (refer important notes 1.)

7. The game is to be played in an clock-wise direction and continues until A. There is nothing left to drink B. You are physically unable to continue or C. A mutual agreement to discontinue by all players.

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