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Extremely simple/entertaining team drinking game. Flip cup and MTVs The Gauntlet mixed in one. 2 teams usually played with a minimum of 4 people to a team. Each person has a full cup of beer. Played like flip cup where the first member of each team taps cups and then pounds their beer, followed by the flipping of the cup. Each member of the team goes until one team is finished. The Winning team then picks two people to go heads up, one from each team. The loser of the gauntlet round is eliminated from the game. The next round is played, followed by a gauntlet round. This pattern continues until all members of one team are eliminated.
The catch is that the # of cups stays the same throughout the game.

(i.e) if a game is being played 4 vs 4 each team has to pound and flip 4 cups no matter how many members are left on the team. It could end up being 4 vs 1 with the single player drinking and flipping 4 cups.
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Added: 2008-08-20

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