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Shuffle the deck. You need at least 2 people. After shuffling, spread the entire deck out on the table(Remove Jokers). After spreading out the cards, choose one card and flip it over
going around clockwise..

Ace- waterfall (once the person who receives an ace has to start the waterfall and the next person has to drink until the person who started the waterfall stops and so on and so fort through the entire circle)

2- Drink 2 (for two seconds, chugs)

3- Drink 3
4- Hands down (everyone puts there hands down on the table and the last person to do so drinks one)

5- Hands up (same as above except hands up)

6- Social (every one around the table drinks one)

7- Divi up 7 ( the person to receive the 7 card can divide up 7 drinks between anyone they want, i.e. one person drinks three, another drinks 4, or someone can get all 7)

8- Pick a mate- (The card holder chooses a friend to drink with them)

9- Bust a rhyme- ( The card holder starts a rhyme and goes around clockwise in order and the person who fails to keep the rhyme going drinks)

10- Make a rule ( This rule is only effective until the next 10 is chosen, you can make any rule u want i.e Not allowed to say the word "yo" and if some one says the word "yo" they MUST drink

Jack- Categories- (The person to choose this card has to pick a category and everyone playing had to name something in that category. i.e. cars "ford mustang" Honda Civic" etc and the person who fails to answer has to drink

Queen- Person before you drinks

King- (this is the one that hurts!!!)
1st king= 25% of your beer
2nd king= 50% of your beer
3rd king= 75% of your beer
4th king= one whole beer!!!!
One 18 pack of beer is NOT ENOUGH.. You will need at least a 30 pack of more...Have fun and let the drinking BEGIN :)
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