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This game is based on the Greek carnival on Revenge of the Nerds. You need Bikes, Tricycles, anything you can ride. You find a city block with the least traffic as possible. This can help save you life, public intoxication fines, etc.

First, you bong, or shotgun a beer. Take a lap, when you get back to the starting point you need to slam another beer, then before you take your next lap, you need to run into the house or garage and grab a item. One item for lap one, 2 more items for lap 2 and so on. It helps it you can grab something of little value and not sharp, in case you fall. No pocket or bags can be used. However duct tape is legal.

First person to complete 12 or a predetermined number of laps and has all of their items wins. Supervision required.

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Added: 2002-12-30

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