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This is a two player game. Players sit across from each other.

First person says, "Wanna beer?" Second Person replies with, "A what?" First person says, "A beer." Second person says, "Is it cold?" First person says, "Of course it's cold."

Then it starts over. The catch each time is that the phrases must be said twice on the second round, three times on the third round, etc...

Example: First person: "Wanna beer?" Second person: "Wanna beer?" First person: "A what?" Second person: "A what?" etc.....

There are no pauses in this game. Whoever messes up has to drink and the game starts over. The point is to see how long you can keep it going without messing up. I have only made it to five so far. It turns into a tongue twister after a few mess ups and rounds.

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