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This game requires two or more people ready to drink. The game is played as follows:

- Player 1 starts by asking the player to his right, "Wanna buy a duck?"
- Player 2 answers, "a what?"
- Player 1 - "a duck"
- Player 2 - "does it quack"
- Player 1 - "of course it quacks, it's a duck"
- Player 2 - "How does that go?"
- Player 1 - "quack, quack, quack"
- Player 2 to player 3 - "wanna buy a duck?"
- Player 3 - "a what?"
- Player 2, asks player 1 - "a what?"
- Player 1 answers, "a duck!"
- player 2 to player 3, "a duck"
- player 3 - "does it quack?"
- etc, etc, etc...

When a question is asked, the question is passed BACKWARDS until it reaches player 1. The answer is then passed FORWARDS to the player who asked. Play continues until someone screws up the pattern. The offending player then drains his drink and begins another round.

Game will travel around the circle and overlap onto player 1. It's a LOT easier than it sounds.

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Added: 2002-12-30

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