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Kings of the Table

Start by placing a standard 16 oz. cup in the center of the table. Next take a standard deck of cards (minus the jokers) and spread them out around the cup. Now this game is for as many people as you can get to play (the more the merrier). Start out with everyone pulling a card and the highest goes first. Start by going one by one counter clockwise pulling a card. Listed below will be what each card means and who has to drink. The game ends when the fourth king is pulled from the deck and the person who pulls it, has to drink the cup in the middle. Below are the rules of the cards. A drink is a normal “sip” in this game. Players may use whatever drink they chose.

Black Cards (Spades & Clubs) # 2-8 – You assign the number (face value) of drinks to people at the table.
i.e. You pull a 4 of Spades, you assign 2 to the player to the left and 2 to the player to the right.

Red Cards (Hearts & Diamonds) # 2-8 – YOU Must drink the number of the face value card.

# 9 (All Suits) – Rhyme Time – He/She who draws the card must start a sentence. The person to his/her left must rhyme the last word of the sentence with the last word of their sentence. Rhyming words MAY NOT be repeated. This continues in clockwise order. If you repeat a word and/or cannot think of a rhyme, you must take a drink.

#10 (All Suits) – Category – He/She who draws thinks of a category, like “Types of Beers”. Then he/she must start it off by saying something like “Coors Light”. Play ensues clockwise until someone either repeats something already named, cannot think of one, or makes up one that is determined to be bull shit. The player who messes up first drinks.

Jack (All Suits) – Sentence – He/She who draws a Jack, starts a sentence. Players take turns going clockwise, saying one word at a time to create a sentence. Players who say more than one word at a time, and or says something that does not make sense to the sentence, must drink.

Queen (All Suits) – Questions – He/She who draws a Queen, must start with a question. Play ensues as players take turns asking each other questions. Play stops and the person who screws up the order must drink when they either don’t ask a sentence, or repeat a question that was already asked.

King (All Suits) – Add to the cup or DRINK – He/She who draws either the first, second, or third king, must take whatever drink they are drinking and add to the cup in the center. The player who draws the fourth king, must drink the cup in the center and is declared the LOSER.

Aces (All Suits) – WATERFALL – The player who pulls an ace of any suit starts the WATERFALL. The waterfall consists of an all around drink. The player who pulled the ace starts out the waterfall by starting to drink their drink. All players must keep drinking until either A) the first person who started the drink stops and the player next to him stops, and so on and so forth, or B) Someone playing stops drinking before the person to their right. A player who stops drinking first must then take another 2 drinks from their drink.

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