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I seen the other pyramid on here and its not the way i was taught... Buzz level requires how much your picked on by the other players...

So you deal out a pyramid..
1st row - 5 cards
2nd row - 4 cards
3rd row - 3 cards
4th row - 2 cards
5th row - 1 card.

Then you deal out the remaining cards to everyone that is playing.. If you have 4 cards the same in your hand they are worthless but keep them in your hand. Don't show anyone your cards...

The dealer flips over the 1st card which is on the 1st row with the 5 cards... Lets say its a 5.. doesn't matter the suit.. So you have 2 5's in your hand.. so you can tell someone to take 2 drinks. if you had all 3 you can tell them to drink 3. if they call bluff you turn your cards over to show them you have the 5's and they have to drink double what you told them to drink which would be 4... Same goes for you.. If you have 2 5's and they tell you to drink 2 then you know there bluffing so call bluff and they will have to drink double which is 4.. remember there are only 4 cards of each in the deck so always look to see how much cards are in the pyramid because if there is 2 5's showing and you got 2 then you should be the only 1 calling out drinks.. you can easily bluff everyone else.. Once you get to the 2nd row the drink double.. so if someone tells you to drink 2 then you have to drink 4... if they accidentally say drink 4 then you know they don't have 4 cards of that number so they have to drink doubled what they told you so they would have to drink 8... 3rd row is tripled 4th row is 4 times 5th row is 5 times they drink.. So if you have 3 5's and the last card flips a 5 tell someone to drink all 3 or pass them around... You can also add another deck into this and play 10 rows... But warning a drink 7 on the 10th row is 70 drinks but don't worry just bluff them and hope they don't have it.. but then that's 140 drinks hehe..
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