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You need a lot of beer. a large team of people, like a sports team or small party.

Now pick a chair person.

The chair person starts by announcing to the group which direction around the table he wants the game to go and then shouting whilst falling to one knee and shaking his fist 'Yee Haw!', this exact action is taken up by the person next to him, and person after and so on. going round the table until somebody interrupts with a trigger word, these are as follows.

'Ho Down'-change direction
'moo'- miss one person
'moo moo'- miss two people
'big titty cow girl'- change direction miss one.

After these triggers the 'yee haw' comand is picked up by the person its aimed at.
but if someone fails to respond with 'Yee Haw' its two fingers of beer to the hapless fool. and then the loser becomes the chair man and starts the round again

(chairman's special Trigger, ' HIGH NOON SHOW DOWN' chairman shouts the trigger and then points at any two people at the table , these two people then must stand up and aim at each other with their fingers poised like guns and shout bang!, the last to shout has to drink and then starts as chair person)
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Added: 2008-08-17

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