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Basic Cali-King game but using these rules:

Ace: Social, everyone drinks

2: Drink 2

3: Pass 3 Drinks To Anyone

4: Whores - Girls Drink

5: THE ALMIGHTY BATHROOM CARD! - He/She who draws this card may keep it by there side and play it whenever they need to leave the table...You CANNOT leave unless you have this card

6: Dicks - Guys Drink

7: Heaven - last one to point to the sky drinks

8: Never Have I Ever - the person who drew the card says Never Have I Ever "----" and says something they have never done, If anyone has done what they haven't they drink.

9: Rhyme - He/she who draws says a sentence. The person to his/her LEFT must rhyme with the last word in the original sentence. This continues in clockwise order. Rhyming words may not be repeated. If you repeat a word or can't think of one, you drink

10: Category - He/she who draws thinks of a category, like "Simpson's Characters." Then, he/she says one, like "Homer." Then, the person to his/her LEFT must think of another one, like "Bart." This continues in clockwise order. If you repeat an item or can't think of one, you drink

Jacks: Waterfall - EVERYBODY begins to CHUG. You can't stop until the person to your RIGHT has stopped. He/she who draws may stop first.

Queen: Questions - Goes around in a circle with everyone asking a question to the person they are looking at, first one to mess up drinks

Kings: We don't call it "kings" for nothing. He/she who draws the first, second and third king pours some of his/her drink into the "large cup" AND comes up with a rule that must be obeyed for the rest of the game, like "no showing your teeth" or "no saying 'drink,' 'drank' or 'drunk'." Anyone in violation of a rule drinks. He/she who draws the fourth king must POUND the contents of the "large cup." Drawing the fourth king marks the end of the game.
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