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Everyone sits in a circle, it's best if there are lots of people. One person starts with a letter eg. 'P'. The person to their left has to add a letter, in order to make a word, eg 'E'. It continues around the circle with each person adding a letter. If somebody added 'X' or any other unlikely letter, they can be challenged. They must then say the word they were thinking of. If there is no word, they must drink. If there is a word, the challenger must take a drink. Either way a new round is started from whoever drank.

Here is the fun part. If you were thinking of the word 'Pencil' and added the 'N' you would be out because you made a word - Take a drink! The final rule, if you are the person who inevitably will have to end the word you also have to drink.

Top Tip: It is advisable to have a dictionary close at hand to avoid arguments, even if no one is capable of reading it!

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