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With WWF being more popular than ever with the Gen X crowd, more parties are being thrown up around Pay Per View Time. Here's a great drinking game for use at a WWF Pay Per View or Monday Night Raw.

Anyone can play this game. There is no minimum or maximum number of people required. All players sit where they can see the event clearly. The game starts as soon as a wrestler breaks one of the rules (example: use of a steel chair, eye gouge, closed fist punch, etc). The player who yells out "Violation!" is the ONLY one in the group who doesn't have to drink. Each penalty is different for each broken rule:

- Hitting the referee - Every one takes 3 shots
- Steel Chair - Everyone takes 2 shots
- Feet on the ropes - Everyone takes 2 shots
- Grabbing the tights - Everyone takes 2 shots
- Closed Fist - Everyone must take 2 shots
- Choking - 1 shot
- Eye Gouging - 1 shot
- Outside interference- everyone must finish their beer
- Hair pulling - swig of beer

If one of the wrestlers hits another wrestler with a championship belt, whoever calls VIOLATION will either be allowed to remove himself from the game OR will be allowed to change the drinking requirements for each penalty.

If someone calls Violation, and it is unanimously agreed that there was no violation, the caller has to finish his beer.

For Monday Night Raw: The game is over when the show ends.
For a PPV: The game is over when the French/Spanish announce table gets broken

Bonuses: If you notice a lack of violations occuring, you can take a shot whenever someone says:
- Ass
- Suck it
- Hell yeah
- Slobberknocker

Play safe: Don't let anyone die.

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