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There are a lot of versions of this game but we put in long hours and much practice to bring together the best rules to properly glorify the game.

You start the game by turning the cards face down and simply spreading them out over the table. each person can draw any card they want when its there turn. and the game is played in a circle going clockwise. (except on queens)

-Ace is categories. name a type or brand of something and everyone has to name the diff categories EX:types of cars-Honda, Chevy, ford, etc, etc... the person to mess this up drinks a few gulps

-2 is a rule card. the person that pulls this card makes a rule. u can run the game with these cards, but be careful, cause shit can backfire

-3 is girls drink a few gulps

-4 is touch the floor. the last person to slam there hand on the table when this card is pulled drinks a few gulps

-5 is guys drink cause you gotta make it fair.

-6 is an actor or actress card. the person that pulls this card names an actor or an actress and the then every one around the table names movies staring such person. the first person not to no a movie staring the actor mentioned has to drink a few gulps. this is one of the cards that you can be called out with. if you name an actor or actress and someone thinks that you don't know any movies staring them, they call you out. you have to name three movies staring the person that you named. if you cant, you drink a whole beer. if you can, they drink a whole beer for being an ass.

-7 is point to heaven. the last person to point to the heavens after this card is pulled has to drink a few gulps.

-8 is never have i ever. now this is kinda complicated. you start by everyone holding up 3 fingers. then you start naming never have i ever around the circle one at a time. everytime someone says something that you have done, you drink and drop a finger. the first person(s) to drop all three fingers kills the beer they have.

- 9 is bust a rhyme. name a word and every one has to rhyme with it. you cant name a word that cant be rhymed cause you can be called out. if you name a word and someone calls you out then you have to name 3 words yourself that rhymes with your original word. if you cant you drink a whole beer. if you do name a word that can be rhymed and someone messes up then they just take a drink.

-10 sentences. this games is exactly what it sounds like. the person that pulls this card says a word, then the next person repeats that word and names another, and the next person repeats both the previous words and and one, and so on and so on. now we play that the sentences don't have to be grammatically right, cause that makes it harder to play. but if your a bitch and you have to have everything perfect, then play it your way. the person to mess this up drinks a few gulps.

-Jack is a joke or waterfall. you can either
(1) tell a joke. if anyone laughs they take a drink, if no one laughs you take a drink. keep in mind your boosin, someone is bound to laugh
(2) you can do a waterfall. the everyone starts drinking at one time. the person that pulled the card can stop at anytime. but the next person cant stop till he stops and the next till he stops, and so one. if some one stops drinking before they are allowed to they have to finish there beer.

-Queen is questions. this is the only part of the game that doesn't have to be played in a circle. you can either play it in a circle or just look at the person you want to go next while asking the question. all you do is ask any random question and the net person cannot answer, laugh, studder, or do anything else but ask another random question to the next person. it keeps going to someone messes up and they drink a few gulps

-King is kill your neighbor. make either the person to your left or right finish there beer
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